Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars
creative direction, design, photography, video

Beginning in 2014, when seeking a fresh approach to their swimsuit content, the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS contracted Le Beau to bring a new, inspired aesthetic to their cheerleading team’s swimsuit content. For the past three years our work for the team has been consistently well received by clients, media outlets and most importantly, the fans.

The original print, digital and video content is used throughout the NFL season across social platforms, various print products and in EverBank Field, which is home to the world’s largest digital scoreboard.

Creative Director: John Jaxheimer

Photography: Nicholas Routzen

Hair: Nathan Harrison, Amber Born, Monique Liz

Makeup: Darnell Lanier, Sandra Burnett, Jonathan Lohr

Director of Photography: Everett Sullivan

Editor: Clay Greenhaw

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creative direction, design, photography, video